BTRoblox is the abbreviated form of ‘Better Roblox’ whose main motto is to make your Roblox experience better on the Roblox website. It is basically a browser extension that helps the users to modify the look and appearance of the Roblox website with its incredible built-in features. It also adds a number of new functionalities to the webpage of Roblox website. If you are a Roblox game freak then you should definitely go for this remarkable browser extension. It makes the Roblox platform easy to access, user-friendly and more useful to the users.

What is BTRoblox?

BTRoblox is a vital browser extension which is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. The users just need to download and install BTRoblox to their respective browsers as an extension in order to use their astounding features and functionalities to play the games on Roblox website more fluently and conveniently.

It is important for the users to set-up and install the right and correct version of BTRoblox to their browser to use the latest features of this browser extension. In order to check the correct version of BTRoblox, you should check the active installations (millions of users) and name of the creator (AntiBoomz).

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What Does BTRoblox Do?

BTRoblox is an open source browser extension that not only just modifies or changes the appearance of the Roblox website but it also adds a variety of new features to the Roblox website. Some of the important features are as follows:

  • Profile Page – The users can change the ‘Profile Page Layout’ by using this browser extension.
  • Themes – It comes with a variety of website themes including Dark as Night, Simple Black, Blue as Sky and Red. It comes with a Default theme for those users who don’t require any kind of themes.
  • Swap Sidebar Elements – The users can easily replace different elements like Menu, Avatar Editor, Profile, etc. on Sidebar with the help of BTRoblox browser extension.
  • Download Audio Files – BTRoblox allows its users to download the audio from the audio library on the Roblox website.
  • Fix Bugs – Whenever a user presses the ‘Play’ button then it will automatically stop the playing audio. The extension helps the users to fix these kinds of bugs in the games.
  • Hide Ads – If you want to play the games on Roblox website without any interruption then you must install this extension to your browser as it hides all the ads that appear during the games.
  • Online Status – The users can check the online status of other users with ease by using this browser extension.

Download BTRoblox

Download for chrome from above and get complete installation process of BTRoblox on Chrome from here.

BTRoblox also available for Firefox you can download and install it easily we have given complete instruction here.

Is BTRoblox Safe and Risk Free?

The first and important question that comes to everyone’s mind before installing the BTRoblox extension to their browser is: is BTRoblox safe and risk free? The answer is ‘YES’. BTRoblox extension will not collect or use any data or information from the users according to the ‘Privacy Policy’ mentioned by the Publisher. They do not disclose any kind of information at all.

BTRoblox is totally a safe, secure and trustworthy browser extension and anyone can easily inspect this source code. Thus, you can install it on your browser without any fear of security breaches.

BTRoblox Limitations

However, BTRoblox is absolutely an exceptional browser extension but somehow there are a few limitations associated with this extension. These limitations are as follows:

  • No In-game Modifications –BTRoblox is unable to make in-game changes as it can only be able to modify the Roblox website.
  • Compatibility Issues – The 2nd limitation of BTRoblox extension is that it is not compatible with iOS, Android and Xbox One.
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